2017 Chevrolet Impala Review - The 2017 Chevrolet Impala hits the huge auto focus with great looking lines, formed taking care of, and on-point availability. 

The Chevy Impala of today is the reverse of the last auto to wear the identification. Today's Impala is attractive, drawing in to drive, simple on gas, exceptionally agreeable, and all around associated—everything its ancestor was definitely not. 

Chevy Impala Styling and Performance 

The Impala looks somewhat like the Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac XTS, for the most part in light of the fact that the trio share some underpinnings—the extents are comparative. The fresh styling take a shot at the Impala separates it in the Chevy lineup. There's a touch of Mercedes CLS in its back quarters, a complex profile, and a less bustling front end than that on different Chevys. Inside, desire shows signs of improvement of things. The dash has a dazzling breadth, however it's shrouded in excessively numerous trim sorts and pieces. The theme of lines and surfaces and materials needs a more quieted approach. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

A 2.5-liter inline-4 with 196 hp controls the base Impala. It's fine for worker obligation, yet under hard increasing speed—entrance ramps, thruway passing—it does not have the power save to get things going rapidly. The discretionary V-6 cures those ills, with its 305 hp rearranging through a 6-speed programmed in energetic vehicle region. 

Out and about, the Impala is a smooth, athletic entertainer. Taking care of and solace adjust at simply the correct point for an auto of this size. The ride's damped greatly well, even on the greatest 20-inch haggles, and the Impala's electric guiding never feels excessively overwhelming or ease back to respond. 

The Impala isn't tops among its class for efficiency, however it oversees respectable numbers—up to 25 mpg joined with the 4-chamber, an all the more ordinary 18 mpg for 6-barrel autos. 

The Chevrolet Impala presents more space than a few adversaries, Azera and Avalon included. Its front seats give preferable support over all comers, yet the rearward sitting arrangement has Passat disorder—it's wide, however the pad is low, level, and still, it could utilize an inch or two a greater amount of head room. The storage compartment practically compensates for it, and nearly coordinates the Taurus cubic foot for cubic foot. 

The Impala doesn't have all its crash-test scores, and the great ones from the NHTSA are counterbalanced by missing standard elements—you'll pay more for Bluetooth and a rearview camera. The Impala accompanies 10 airbags and can be fitted with versatile journey control, blind side screens, and stopping sensors. 

The Impala comes in LS, LT and Premier trims. Costs extend from about $28,000 for the base model the distance to $41,000 in case you're not cautious—but rather an all around prepared V-6-controlled Impala LT with a rearview camera and MyLink sound will keep running about $32,000. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

All renditions have control highlights, voyage control, and ventilating. Chevy's MyLink framework controls the optional components by means of a 8.0-inch touchscreen LCD—highlights like space for 60 top choices (radio stations, goals, whatever) and a thousand individual contacts, associations for up to 10 Bluetooth gadgets, and a swipey interface that gives you a chance to pick where the symbols rest, or which of four realistic skins you need it to wear. Apple CarPlay and remote cell phone charging are accessible. 

For 2017, Chevy makes its V-6 accessible in the base Impala, and adds Android Auto to the current infotainment offerings. 


The cockpit looks occupied, however the Chevy Impala sports strong, etched sheet metal. 

When it overhauled the Impala in 2014, GM sent the old, dull body to the piece stack. The Impala you see before you today is one of GM's best enormous auto endeavors. It's strong where it should be, etched without looking excessively occupied, significantly better than its class. 

Inside, the 2017 Chevrolet Impala Review gets somewhat hyperactive. The recurring pattern of the dash move the eye around continually. Chevy utilizes a few more trim sorts and cuts it up more regularly than it needs to. The essential shapes look incredible, yet the execution is recently excessively occupied, particularly when thought about, making it impossible to the extra, exquisite look of the most recent Avalon. There's an approach to pull off a look as sensational as this one, with less show. 

The Impala's sheet metal compensates for those overabundances. It's a dazzling gathering of boards. The lines are fresh and alluring, getting right what vehicles before it had become off-base. The grille brings out a Honda's front end; the headlights ought to wear Saab trademarks. Regardless of the considerable number of ribs and lines stamped into the hood, it looks energizing and even perfect. 

The shape launches into overdrive at the back entryway, where a complex, Mercedes CLS-like crossing point of surfaces echoes the back quarters on the Buick LaCrosse, until it shoots off at the shoulder line into another and shrewdly squeezed wrinkle. It's one of GM's earnest attempts at blending looks while keeping the brands particular. 


In the event that you need a responsive huge four-entryway, look no further: the Impala has fast directing, an all around controlled ride, and striking V-6 increasing speed. 

Chevy introduces 4-and 6-barrel motors in the Impala, and figure which one can rest easy? Base autos get a 2.5-liter inline-4 with 196 hp, coupled to a 6-speed programmed, both pushing energy to the front wheels. This is the plebeian Impala, with preferred mid-pace pull over off-the-line increasing speed. Dynamic commotion cancelation suppresses its 4-barrel blasts. It's the sort of drivetrain that needs for more apparatuses, more torque, a greater amount of everything when pulling from 30 mph to 60 mph- - it revs sweetly up to 6,500 rpm, however doesn't assemble speed as quickly as its identification infers. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

The 3.6-liter V-6 you'll discover in many Impalas has the solid, smooth power we'd need in an expensive mass-advertise four-entryway. With a decent fumes rap and a 0-60 mph time of around 6.8 seconds, the 6-chamber Impala sports 305 hp, a major level torque band and throttle reaction without the hair-trigger reactions of a portion of the other huge vehicles in its class. 

All Impalas get a 6-speed programmed transmission with a manual-move mode actuated by a tick switch on the move lever—where nobody will utilize it, since the tall support makes it an unbalanced movement. It's additionally not a "game" mode, in that the planning of the move doesn't change. The transmission isn't as consistent as the GM benchmarks of the past. Since the torque converter's set up to secure up more frequently for the sake of efficiency, a nervous foot can trigger what feels like half-moves as the converter opens. It's still prepared to respond rapidly to the perfect measure of pedal. 

It wasn't too long prior that full-estimate cars touted rich over enthusiastic, with a concentration in coasting their travelers not far off in delicate, covering, velour-wrapped solace. Not the most recent Impala. Its excellent setup lays out front struts and a multi-interface backside with digressive damping that is stiffer against little knocks, more casual against bigger ones, with body incline put on a chain through bounce back springs. 

This means an Impala totally dissimilar to the one just before it. The control abrogate movements is unobtrusive and remarkable given where it's originated from, regardless of whether you're on the stock 18-inch haggles or the discretionary, more boisterous 20-inchers shod with Bridgestone Potenzas. Belt-driven electric guiding supplements the ride with precise following and without unnecessary, simulated weight. The Impala has adjust and all-around levelheadedness that the Taurus, Avalon and Azera miss by a component here and there. It's agreeable, without passing into lethargic.

Comfort and Quality 

The Impala has extraordinary front seats and great room, yet rearward sitting arrangement head room can appear to be tight. 

The Impala is an expansive auto by the numbers, however it unquestionably doesn't drive enormous. It doesn't endure the claustrophobic feel of some other premium four-entryways. 

As indicated by the spec sheet, the Impala rides on a 111.7-inch wheelbase, and checks in at 201.3 inches in length. That is much greater than some three-push SUVs like the Kia Sorento, however very little greater than, say, a VW Passat or Toyota Avalon. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

Inside, the Impala signs up a lot of space for four grown-ups, and five will fit. Room to breathe is great all around, however in the secondary lounge there's a touch of holding back. 

Open the wide, tall entryways, and the Impala V-6's pleasantly formed seats aren't too profound a knee-twist away. No less than five distinct seats are indicated over the lineup, however that is generally as a result of discretionary seat warming and ventilation—just the base renditions are fabric, while mid-review seats blend engineered cowhide and material. Calfskin Premier seats feel superior to the material/vinyl situates, and have lumbar change. 

In advance, head room and extra space to move around are all that anyone could need for even 99th-percentile sorts; the Impala's one of the uncommon new autos where you can control the driver situate too low and too high. 

The back seats aren't exactly as near premium, however extra space is just an inch or two shy of limousine status. The base pad lays level, and it's somewhat short for the auto's size—and still, head room isn't remarkable. Two grown-ups will have enough space for a pre-youngster between, and the seats can be fitted with chomp estimated head rests formed like old fashioned auto guards. 

Indeed, even with five travelers, filling the Impala's payload canisters will take some work. The storage compartment's 18.8 cubic feet, second just to the Taurus' 20-cubic-foot whopper. It's somewhat shallow, however the storage compartment floor is level and expands profoundly underneath the back glass. The entryways throughout the entire have canisters with jug holders; the middle reassure can swallow a shoe box, a cell phone in either a rubber treated plate or a container covered up under a top, and two beverages. 

In case you're in a LT or a Premier, the MyLink LCD touchscreen covers a concealed stockpiling container; tap a catch and the screen rises so you can stow treats, then secure it out a valet mode with a code you can enter and change. 

As far as fit and complete, the Impala will profit by a midlife upgrade in a year or somewhere in the vicinity. The caught up with looking cockpit has a considerable measure going on, outwardly. The twin-cowl dash is a Waffle House arrange holding up to happen: it's secured, studded, framed, and hung in such a large number of various materials and surfaces, it's very nearly a parlor amusement to discover and name them all. The seat-radiator encompass is a spectacular, spotted dark plastic; the entryway tops are delicate to the touch however transparently grained. 

Chevy has tuned the Impala's inside for calmer moving atmosphere. Four-chamber models wear dynamic commotion cancelation, similar to Chevy's Equinox, and the plusher forms get thicker glass and more stable stifling. The impression of commotion control is a decent one. 

Crash-test scores are balanced by the Chevy Impala's inadequate arrangement of standard wellbeing gear. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

The NHTSA gives the Impala a five-star general rating. Its exclusive slight imperfection in government tests is a four-star execution in rollover resistance. 

The IIHS has just discharged outcomes for a few tests with the Impala. In those, it wins Good scores for front-and side-affect tests, however needs basic outcomes for tests, for example, little cover impacts. 

The Impala accompanies 10 airbags and GM's OnStar framework, however Bluetooth and a rearview camera aren't offered at all on the base, armada obligation Impala LS. A rearview camera is a choice on the Impala LT, and just standard once you've climbed to the Premier. It's well past time when a $30,000 vehicle purchaser ought to need to pay additional for both of those components. 

Outward vision in the Impala is great, yet the encompass and side-see cameras offered on adversaries are an advantageous stride up. 

The Impala can be requested with a suite of cutting edge wellbeing highlights including blind side screens; a path takeoff cautioning framework; versatile journey control; and a forward-crash cautioning framework with programmed crisis braking.

2017 Chevrolet Impala Engine

With a wealth of traveler and trunk space, the 2017 Chevrolet Impala is unmistakably a substantial car, yet there's a whole other world to this Chevy than simply room. You'll additionally value the way it keeps you and your travelers agreeable and safe. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

  • Rides easily over knocks and unpleasant streets 
  • Calm inside at interstate rates 
  • V6 motor gives speedy increasing speed 
  • Lodge looks smooth and tasteful 
  • Enormous rearward sitting arrangement and trunk are awesome for conveying travelers and baggage. 
  • Unremarkable quickening with four-barrel motor 
  • A couple of inside boards and controls feel somewhat shoddy 
  • Thick rooftop columns hamper outward perceivability. 
The Impala heads into 2017 with some minor corrections to the naming and accessibility of its trim levels yet is generally unaltered. 

Like a great deal of long-running American car nameplates, the 2017 Chevrolet Impala Review has seen its share of good and bad times. You could outline its allure during that time and the diagram would most likely look a great deal like the Dow Jones Index. However, as an auto customer of today, all you truly need to know is that Chevy's been on a rise with its Impala as far back as it upgraded it a couple of years prior. 

The present plan of the Impala goes back to 2014. It's still a good looking vehicle as we would see it. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

The 2017 Chevrolet Impala's portfolio begins with its open inside. This is one of the fundamental motivations to consider this class of auto, and contrasted with an ordinary fair size car, the Impala gives raise travelers a lot of space to extend. There's likewise a major trunk that can hold up to 18.8 cubic feet of stuff. Should you stack up both the back seat and trunk for a street trek, the Impala will keep your group alright with its stunningly cover ride up knocks and low levels of wind and street clamor on the interstate. This is a tranquil, peaceful street tripper on whole deals. 

Most would agree that these qualities are huge auto rudiments, but at the same time we're attached to the Impala's innovation. Standard on everything except the base LS trim is the 8-inch MyLink touchscreen infotainment framework, which has fresh representation and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto cell phone joining. There's likewise an engaging gathering of wellbeing components accessible, including path takeoff cautioning, blind side observing and forward crash cautioning with programmed crisis braking. These pleasantly supplement the Impala's crashworthiness, which scored high checks in government testing. 

Obviously, the Impala isn't the main choice you ought to consider. The lasting elite player of this pack is the Toyota Avalon, which offers a fuel-tasting half breed four-chamber motor notwithstanding its smooth V6. We're additionally attached to the all around prepared Kia Cadenza (which is completely overhauled for the current year) and the jazzy and intense Chrysler 300. You may likewise look at the new Buick LaCrosse in case you're searching for something more upscale. By and large, however, the 2017 Chevrolet Impala is ideal in the blend and would be a strong expansion to your carport. 

Trim levels and elements 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

The 2017 Chevrolet Impala is offered in three principle trim levels: LS, LT and Premier. (Chevy additionally offers adaptations of the LS and LT with a bi-fuel V6 motor that can keep running on customary gas and compacted characteristic gas (CNG). You'll improbable experience a LS or LT CNG on merchant parcels or in online stock, however take note of that element accessibility varies somewhat contrasted with the general adaptations.) 

Beginning off with an Impala LS gets you a four-chamber motor, 18-inch steel wheels, programmed headlights, journey control, cooling, an eight-way control customizable driver situate (with power lumbar), a tilt-and-extending controlling wheel, a trek PC, OnStar (with a 4G association and WiFi hotspot), Bluetooth telephone network and a six-speaker sound framework with satellite radio, a USB port, a helper sound jack and a 4.2-inch shading show. 

A discretionary Protection bundle includes raise stopping sensors, foldable back headrests and a load net. Significant remain solitary choices incorporate bigger wheels, remote motor begin and a V6 motor (comes packaged with programmed atmosphere control). 

The LT includes 18-inch combination wheels, warmed mirrors, material and leatherette upholstery, double zone programmed atmosphere control, a calfskin wrapped controlling wheel, control lumbar conformity for the front traveler situate, collapsing back head limitations and theMyLink infotainment framework with a 8-inch touchscreen, voice controls, Bluetooth sound network, two extra USB ports (for a sum of three), a SD card space, HD radio and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto cell phone reconciliation. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

A number of the choices you can get on the LT are gathered into bundles. The Leather bundle includes (you got it) cowhide upholstery, warmed seats and an eight-way control front traveler situate. The Convenience bundle incorporates raise stopping sensors, a rearview camera, remote motor begin and an auto-darkening rearview reflect. You can likewise choose a Technology bundle (19-inch wheels, raise spoiler, 120-volt electrical plug, 11-speaker Bose sound framework, CD player, remote telephone charger and surrounding lighting) and a Navigation bundle (keyless section and start in addition to coordinated MyLink route). The V6 motor is additionally accessible, just like a sunroof. 

For extra wellbeing highlights, run with the Driver Confidence bundle that incorporates forward impact cautioning, path takeoff cautioning and blind side observing with back cross-activity alarm. There are likewise two Appearance bundles, one including a trunk-top spoiler, a body-shading grille encompass and chrome reflect tops, and another (the "Midnight Edition") including the spoiler, 19-inch dark and-silver haggles out outside trim. 

The principle motivation to run with the Impala LT or Premier is to get the 8-inch MyLink touchscreen. 

Topping the Impala's range is the Premier. You get the majority of the LT's discretionary components as standard, in addition to xenon headlights and the V6 motor. The Premier's choices list incorporates an Enhanced Convenience bundle (auto-darkening driver-side mirror and rearview reflect, ventilated front seats, warmed power-movable directing wheel, driver memory settings) and an Advanced Technology bundle (remote wireless charging, 11-speaker Bose stereo, 120-volt electrical plug). There's likewise a Midnight Edition bundle like the one offered on the LT. 

The sunroof is likewise discretionary for the Premier. Versatile voyage control with programmed crisis braking is a select choice, as are 20-inch wheels. 

Performance and mpg 

Every one of the 2017 Impalas are furnished with a six-speed programmed transmission and front-wheel drive. From that point, the LS and LT accompany a 2.5-liter four-barrel motor (196 strength and 186 pound-feet of torque) as standard. Mileage is EPA-evaluated at 25 mpg joined (22 city/31 thruway). Included with the four-chamber is a programmed stop-begin framework that consequently stop the motor when you stop to spare fuel. 

Discretionary for the LS and LT and standard on Premier is a 3.6-liter V6 (305 hp and 264 lb-ft of torque). The EPA rates this motor at 22 mpg joined (18 city/28 expressway). In performance testing, an Impala with the V6 quickened from zero to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds, placing it in a dead warmth with the last Avalon we tried and serenely in front of the Chrysler 300 V6 and Hyundai Azera. 

Chevrolet additionally offers a double fuel Impala V6 that can keep running on either compacted common gas (CNG) or gas. The storage compartment mounted CNG tank holds 7.7 GGE (fuel gallon), sufficiently proportional to control the Impala for 150 miles. The bi-fuel Impala keeps running on CNG as a matter of course, changing over to gas when the CNG tank is drained, however a dash-mounted change permits you to change fuel sources on the fly. The motor produces 260 hp and 247 lb-ft on fuel, dropping to 230 hp and 218 lb-ft on CNG. As indicated by the EPA, efficiency endures to some degree - the bi-fuel Impala is EPA-evaluated at 20 mpg consolidated (17 city/25 parkway) on gas and 19 mpg joined (16/24) on CNG. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

The 2017 Chevrolet Impala comes standard with electronically monitored slowing mechanisms, footing and strength control, front-situate side airbags, full-length side shade airbags and front knee airbags. Likewise standard is GM's membership based OnStar benefit, which incorporates programmed crash notice, a crisis help catch, remote entryway open and stolen vehicle help. 

A rearview camera is discretionary on the LT, as are forward impact cautioning, path takeoff cautioning and blind side checking with back cross-movement alarm. These come standard on the Premier. Discretionary for the Premier just is forward impact alleviation with programmed crisis braking. 

In government crash testing, the Impala got aperfect five stars for general crash insurance, including five stars for frontal-effect and five stars for side-affect impacts. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety granted the Impala its best evaluating of "Good" in the direct cover frontal-counterbalance and side-affect crash tests. Additionally in IIHS testing, the LTZ's discretionary frontal impact cautioning and programmed slowing mechanisms earned the top rating of "Unrivaled."


Impala purchasers may be enticed to stay with the four-chamber motor by virtue of its lower cost and higher efficiency, however we suggest spending for the V6. The V6's generally quick sprint to 60 mph just recounts part of the story - when you punch it at cruising speed, the motor reacts with genuine specialist. Concerning the base four, it's sensibly smooth and willing, yet its 110-hp shortage is promptly clear from the driver situate, particularly on the off chance that you have travelers and gear on board. 

Get the Impala's discretionary V6. For this extensive car, it's truly the approach. 

Not surprisingly, the 2017 Impala takes street impacts in walk, dousing up the knocks and trenches like a major auto ought to. The driver's outward perceivability is hampered to some degree by the Impala's thick rooftop columns, yet the inside is additionally pleasingly peaceful, with negligible measures of wind and street clamor at road speeds. For greatest ride comfort, we exhort skirting the Premier's discretionary 20-inch wheels, as they ride excessively brutally over sharp knocks. Taken around turns, the Impala isn't as energetic as the auto's smooth styling may recommend, however general this is a safe and equipped dealing with car.

2017 Chevrolet Impala Engine

The 2017 Chevrolet Impala offers a great mix of openness, solace and incentive for families and people looking for a full-estimate car. Generous yet a la mode, the Impala still looks straight from a late patch up that changed Chevy's greatest car from staid to champion. While interest for full-measure vehicles is declining, the Impala stays pertinent because of present day wellbeing and tech includes, a decision of 4-or 6-chamber motors, and the biggest trunk in its class. Beginning around $28,000, the Impala purchases a great deal of auto for the cash, however not at all like the Toyota Avalon, Kia Cadenza and Dodge Charger, a V6 is additional. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

On the off chance that you need a substantial, agreeable car that gloats style and substance all at a decent esteem, the 2017 Impala possesses all the necessary qualities. While the Impala nameplate dates to the 1950s, this huge Chevy car has present day highlights like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto cell phone similarity, in-auto Wi-Fi and security helps. 

On the off chance that you lean toward a huge car with back or all-wheel-drive, the Dodge Charger offers both, while the Toyota Avalon is accessible as a cross breed for those looking for an exceedingly fuel-effective family auto. The 2017 Kia Cadenza, in the mean time, is all-new with striking plan and a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain guarantee. 

Few changes are in store for the 2017 Chevrolet Impala, and one for the most part obscure variant is leaving: The bi-fuel Chevy Impala that could keep running on both gas and packed characteristic gas (CNG) is did not offer anymore. 

Driving Impressions 

One of the best qualities about the 2017 Chevy Impala is its agreeable and calm ride. This is a great decision on the off chance that you need a major car that organizes drifting over paths versus screaming around corners. Our motor of decision is the discretionary 3.6-liter V6, which combines the Impala's stately ride with easy increasing speed and passing force. For generally $1,100 more, it's a decent esteem and still accomplishes respectable efficiency - up to 28 mpg. The standard 2.5-liter is satisfactory regarding power and is evaluated up to 30 mpg. Take note of that it has an auto begin/stop include that switches off the motor at stoplights; it's entirely smooth, however we'd like the choice to cripple it. Whichever powerplant you pick, it's matched with a 6-speed programmed transmission that continues on ahead much like the Impala itself - with quietness and certainty. 


The resurrection of Chevy's greatest vehicle carried with it an ample inside that is significantly more refreshing than its sharp suit. This is most valid in mid-level LT and top-line Premier trims, the last with punctured calfskin seating (base models have premium material, mid-review blends fabric and Leatherette). This 5-traveler car has liberal legroom notwithstanding for back seat travelers. Furthermore, Chevy merits praise for its strong front seats and simple to-achieve catches and handles to control sound and atmosphere capacities, notwithstanding the 8-inch touch-screen show found in LT and Premier evaluations. At 18.8 cubic feet, the 2017 Impala's trunk is immense. 


No longer a loner sitting on rental parts, this most recent era Impala full-measure car is striking. Its rigid sheet metal shrouds its 201.3-inch length well without investigating the-top. Indeed, even the grille - a component that expands on numerous different autos - is proportional. The long and intense hood leads into a pleasantly cleared windshield and sweptback rooftop, while the sides tenderly flex with wrinkles running just underneath the windows. The trunklid seems short yet conceals a lot of space inside. Wheel sizes extend from 18 creeps on base LS and mid-trim LT models, while Premier Impalas ride on 19-inchers, with 20s discretionary. 

In the engine 

Two motors are accessible in the 2017 Chevrolet Impala Review. Standard on base LS and mid-review LT trims is a 2.5-liter 4-barrel, while the more recommendable 3.6-liter V6 is discretionary on those trims and standard on the 2017 Impala Premier model. The 4-barrel motor is the fuel-saver, highlighting a begin/stop framework that mood killers the motor out of gear. The V6, then again, brags 305 torque and makes the Impala feel swifter. Both motors are associated with 6-speed programmed transmissions, and all Impalas are front-wheel drive. The bi-fuel Impala demonstrate that could keep running on either gas or compacted normal gas (CNG) has been ended. Similarly as with other 2017 autos, the Impala's efficiency evaluations are marginally lower this year because of an adjustment in EPA testing. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

2.5-liter inline-4
197 horsepower @ 6,300 rpm
191 lb-ft of torque @ 4,400 rpm
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 22/30 mpg

3.6-liter V6
305 horsepower @ 6,800 rpm
264 lb-ft of torque @ 5,200 rpm
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 18/28 mpg

The 2016 Chevy Impala car has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) beginning just once again $28,000 for a base LS show. At $30,440 the more recommendable LT mid-review trim is still a ton of auto for the cash. Notwithstanding while including the V6 for generally $1,110 more, the Impala undermines the base cost of the Toyota Avalon. At the highest point of the 2017 Impala lineup is the Premier model, beginning around $36,500 and moving past the $40,000 check with alternatives. While the Impala undermines its Toyota match alongside the Kia Cadenza and Hyundai Azera, its evaluating is more in accordance with the Dodge Charger and Ford Taurus. 

2017 Chevrolet Impala Review

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