Honda CR-V New Model 2017 - It's difficult to envision a minimal hybrid better adjusted to the requirements of most purchasers than the 2017 Honda CR-V. 

Measurably, the Honda CR-V is most likely at the highest point of your shopping list in case you're in the market for a reduced hybrid SUV. Its blend of fair driving flow and an insightfully bundled inside with more space than its agile measurements propose have made the CR-V a most loved with shoppers for two decades running. 

For 2017, the CR-V is all-new, yet its formula hasn't changed a bit. For the way the normal customer really utilizes his or her hybrid, the CR-V is about on a par with they get. Accessible in LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring trim levels, the CR-V packs significantly more esteem and a truly necessary touch of refinement into another bundle. 

Honda CR-V New Model 2017 Styling and Performance

It's not too beautiful to take a gander at, but rather the Honda CR-V New Model 2017 throws a more emotional shadow than some time recently. Its front guard bulges out clumsily, yet LED running lights on all models bring things decidedly into the cutting edge time. From the side, the CR-V's cleared up rearmost rooftop column persists an outline topic presented in the last model. Indeed, even the base CR-V LX incorporates composite wheels as standard, as well. 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Things show signs of improvement inside, where the CR-V's dashboard is utilitarian, sorted out and, might we venture to state it, almost rich on range-topping Touring models. As such, we've just had time in the driver's seat of that awesome trim (which ought to ride and handle simply like its less expensive kin), however we cherish its firm calfskin situates and even its matte false wood trim. 

The CR-V rides on a wheelbase that extends around an inch and a half longer than some time recently, which takes into account more inside room especially in the freight range. Its stage is stiffer than any time in recent memory, which implied that Honda could mellow its suspension a bit to consider more segregation from the outside world. 

LX models use a to a great extent continued 2.4-liter inline-4 motor appraised at 184 drive and 180 pound-feet of torque. All other trim levels, including the EX, EX-L, and Touring, make utilization of a more progressed 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-barrel that checks in with 190 hp and 179 pound-feet, the last of which is spread over a much more extensive scope of the motor's upheavals. That means far speedier quickening and passing force with from the turbo display than from the standard motor in the LX. 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

All CR-Vs utilize a CVT and every trim level comes standard with front-wheel drive and offers all-wheel drive as a choice. The last framework is presently equipped for disseminating more energy to the back wheels when conditions request it, as on an earth street or in a slushy or cold winter. 

In spite of the fact that the CR-V won't be mistaken for a games auto, its directing reacts faster than before and it feels sure, safe, and secure notwithstanding when pushed hard on a twisty street. 

The CR-V rides and handles all around ok, yet its genuine resource is its inside. Five travelers will discover great room and overhauled materials all through, and freight is spoiled better than anyone might have expected some time recently. Honda guarantees almost a foot of extra load space length, yet no corruption in the hybrid's front and back seat room (the last of which is really up around 2 creeps from a year ago). 

At the draw of a lever, the second column's backrests overlap totally level to make load territory that extends around 5 feet long and can even swallow a bike standing upright with its front tire evacuated. 

Honda incorporates on EX or more models a large group of security tech like programmed crisis braking, versatile voyage control, path takeoff cautioning, and a framework that prods the CR-V once again into its path on the off chance that it starts to float. The automaker gathers all that tech under the Honda Sensing pennant, and it's an estimable move to make it standard on what the organization expects will be around seventy five percent of all CR-Vs conveyed. Just Toyota, which has made the greater part of those components standard for 2017 on the RAV4, goes advance. 

EX trim levels or more component the organization's 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment framework, which has been redesigned over past Hondas because of the expansion of a volume handle (reason enough to exchange your 2016 CR-V). The interface is sufficiently straightforward to deal with, however we saw some slacking as the processor thoroughly considered our taps to enact the Garmin-style route screen discretionary on the EX-L and standard on the Touring. 


The CR-V's outside is somewhat eccentric, however it gets focuses for a fabulous inside. 

With its huge underbite, the Honda CR-V doesn't make the best impression outside, however its inside rapidly uncovers itself as a wonderful place to invest some energy. 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

All CR-Vs have a generally bucks-up look, including the base LX because of its LED running lights and standard 17-inch amalgam wheels. Settle on the EX and higher evaluations and you'll be compensated with more tasteful 18-inch amalgam wheels. The range-topping Touring even gloats its own particular wheel styling and some additional touches like chrome specifying and fumes pipe finishers to emerge promote. 

However there's no denying that the CR-V throws an ungainly shadow. Its front guard bulges out strangely, practically resembling a security consistence reconsideration. The hybrid's side profile, in the interim, looks a great deal like its ancestor at the back. Honda is endeavoring to assemble some brand personality with the sharp, upward point found in its rearmost rooftop column. At the tail, the CR-V's lights are mounted high, practically like we used to see on Volvos. A wide chrome strip keeps running between the lights just underneath the back window. Underneath, the hybrid's identifications are indiscriminately set and even have all the earmarks of being screwy from some review edges since the rear end really swells outward simply over the tag zone. 

Things are significantly more routine inside. The CR-V's dashboard is light on catches and switches, at any rate in the event that you settle on EX or more models with their 7.0-inch infotainment screen. Honda has put another covering on the screen intended to diminish fingerprints, which is pleasant, yet the screen appears as though it could take up more land on the board dispensed to it. Beneath, the CR-V's atmosphere control framework is basic and natural, with warmed seat switches on everything except the LX. 

Honda has worked its cubbyhole enchantment on the CR-V's support, which has a multi-configurable retire underneath the armrest. We've just invested energy in the CR-V Touring, which has decent calfskin trim wrapping seats that look practically energetic however give simply enough reinforcing. 


Despite the fact that the turbo-4 can sound somewhat wheezy, the CR-V rides and handles superbly. 

Honda has taken after a few of its opponents into the turbocharging camp with the new 2017 CR-V, and that is just for the better. 

Under the CR-V's hood sits a decision of two motors. Base LX models extend a year ago's sufficient 2.4-liter inline-4, evaluated at 184 strength and 180 pound-feet of torque. Select some other trim level—EX, EX-L, or Touring—and there's a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-4 evaluated at 190 hp and 170 pound-feet acquired from the Civic minimal vehicle run. 

That is not a major change on paper, but rather the torque crests at a genuinely low 2,000 rpm. Honda claims that the turbo engine shaves around 1.5 seconds off of the CR-V's 0-60 mph sprint. 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Like the active Honda CR-V New Model 2017, the most recent model makes utilization of a CVT that can send energy to the front or every one of the four wheels. 

The greater part of all purchasers will probably choose all-wheel drive, which Honda says can now send more torque rearward when required in light of feedback about the responsiveness of the active model's framework. 

Underneath the CR-V's more etched style sits liquid filled suspension bushings and a coasting back subframe intended to better segregate the outside world. The hybrid's controlling has been retuned to altogether diminish the quantity of swings bolt to-bolt (from 3.1 to 2.3), and bigger brake plates with an electric supporter enhance halting execution. 

Driving the 2017 Honda CR-V 

Be that as it may, don't think about the CR-V as a lively hybrid; that part of the fragment has to a great extent been surrendered to the Mazda CX-5 and the Subaru Forester XT. Rather, the CR-V shoots appropriate for the heart of the market. 

We put a range-topping CR-V Touring all-wheel drive through its walks about Santa Cruz, California, where the streets are delightfully thrilling yet not precisely cleared with accuracy. The CR-V's structure is stiffer, which takes into consideration its suspension to be tuned milder without diving into the pitfalls of slop. MacPherson struts in advance and a multi-connect setup out back aren't precisely notable, yet they functioned admirably to sift through street defects on some particularly scarred asphalt we experienced. The CR-V rides delicately without hurling heads from side to side on a twisting street; in our eyes, it strikes a superior adjust than even the engaging CX-5. 

In the twisties, the CR-V's speedier controlling reacts precisely, yet input is dull and inert. There's little here to feed an aficionado's energy, yet that is not the CR-V's main purpose for existing. Rather, it's admirable for its levelheadedness even with the wick turned up a bit. 

The CVT makes a not too bad showing with regards to of keeping things in accordance with the turbocharged CR-V, but with some dithering promptly off the line and an uncivilized snarl close redline. Then again, the CVT keeps the motor inside its energy band when need, which means there's moment snort on tap for expressway passing. 

As such, Honda hasn't given us a chance to test the CR-V LX with its continued powertrain, however unless you're on a firm spending plan, the turbo motor is most likely going to be the approach.
Comfort and Quality 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Honda CR-V New Model 2017

It's difficult to make sense of how Honda pulled this much inside room and solace out of such a little impression. 

Ever the ace of pressing somewhat additional inside room out of a little bundle, Honda has made an effectively agreeable hybrid considerably all the more pleasing with the 2017 overhaul. 

In addition, the CR-V feels extremely great in range-topping Touring trim, with about the majority of its materials feeling higher-buck than its sticker price may propose. 

On everything except the LX demonstrate, the CR-V incorporates a 12-way power driver's seat with power lumbar bolster that we discovered agreeable on a more drawn out drive. The second line, in the interim, has a movable backrest and an inside armrest. The most recent CR-V is several inches more extensive than its forerunner, which helps inside solace altogether for three grown-ups. While you're presumably not going to fit a trio of linebackers in the CR-V's second line, it is appropriate for three normal size grown-ups, something we can't say in regards to the vast majority of its adversaries. 

In the freight range, the CR-V highlights a heap floor sufficiently low to suit a few mountain bicycles remaining strong with their front wheels evacuated. The floor highlights a versatile board that can either make a covered up under-floor stockpiling region and a level load floor with the second column collapsed or a more profound inlet with a bigger general limit. 

There's a likewise high level of usefulness in the main column. Notwithstanding phenomenal little thing stockpiling in the CR-V's entryway boards, a three-position plate in the middle reassure takes into consideration a wide assortment of things to be obliged. 

Our lone genuine protestation is the extent of the middle reassure around the rigging lever. It's wide and encroaches into the driver's leg space. What resembles a cushioned knee cushion is, rather, a stone hard bit of plastic. 


Honda incorporates huge security tech as standard on practically every CR-V, yet it hasn't yet been crash tried. 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Honda has made its far reaching suite of crash shirking wellbeing tech standard on everything except the base trim level of the CR-V for 2017, something we wholeheartedly cheer. 

We can't really allot the CR-V a security rating yet, be that as it may, since it has not been crash tried by either the IIHS or the NHTSA. That is normal for an all-new model, however we're certain that both gatherings will subject this reduced hybrid to their full flood of tests soon. 

All CR-Vs incorporate the normal front, side, and side window ornament airbags, and also security and footing control and a reinforcement camera. Models over the base LX—so that is EX, EX-L, and Touring—incorporate as standard the Honda Sensing suite of tech: versatile voyage control, programmed crisis braking, path takeoff cautioning, path keeping help, and street flight alleviation that delicately pokes the hybrid once more into its path on the off chance that it starts to float. Those innovations exploit both radar and camera modules incorporated into the vehicle's guard and close to its windshield-mounted rearview reflect. 

Those models likewise incorporate programmed high bars, blind side screens, and the Touring incorporates raise cross-activity caution. 

Lamentably, all that tech is not accessible on the LX; we'd jump at the chance to see Honda Sensing as an alternative on the LX, in spite of the fact that it would presumably push its value so near the EX that most purchasers would just stride up to the higher-spec show. 

CR-V comes very much prepared in base LX trim, however the EX is the genuine deal here. 

Honda keeps things genuinely basic with the CR-V by offering only four trim levels, just a single of which offers a solitary choice. 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Once you've limited down your optimal CR-V trim level, the main genuine choice to make is to pick a most loved shading. 

The section level CR-V LX ($24,945) incorporates a 2.4-liter 4-chamber motor and a CVT, in addition to 17-inch compound wheels, LED running lights, programmed atmosphere control, voyage control, a 4-speaker sound framework, a reinforcement camera, control windows and locks, keyless passage, and Bluetooth gushing sound. 

From that point, the CR-V EX ($27,595) includes a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-barrel that is somewhat more intense and somewhat more fuel productive, and additionally 18-inch amalgam wheels, warmed front seats, programmed headlamps, warmed mirrors, a closeness key with push-catch begin, remote begin, a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment framework, a power moonroof, an extra USB port, and a 12-way power driver's seat. CR-V EX models, and all higher trim levels, additionally incorporate the automaker's Honda Sensing suite of security tech as standard—programmed crisis braking, versatile voyage control, path takeoff cautioning, and path keep help, which pokes the hybrid once more into its path on the off chance that it starts to float. 

The individuals who need calfskin seats can pick up to the EX-L ($30,095), which likewise incorporates a power rear end, a power traveler's seat, memory for the driver's seat, a Homelink carport entryway opener, a redesigned sound framework, and SiriusXM satellite radio. 

Route is a $1,000 alternative on the EX-L; it's the main remain solitary choice on the CR-V beside some merchant introduced extras like elastic floor mats and mudflats accessible on every single trim level. 

The range-topping Touring ($33,295) adds to the EX-L its own particular wheel outline, an extraordinary body unit, side rooftop rails (crossbars are a merchant introduced thing), programmed windshield wipers, LED headlamps, a sans hands control rear end, and a 330-watt stereo with a subwoofer. 

On all models, all-wheel drive includes an extra $1,300.

Honda CR-V New Model 2017 Specs

The totally updated 2017 Honda CR-V could without much of a stretch have been an instance of "On the off chance that it ain't broke, don't settle it." After all, the active CR-V was all the while offering at a class-driving clasp, so there was no squeezing motivation to change course. We would have comprehended if Honda made some shallow outline changes and threw in the towel. 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Honda CR-V New Model 2017

Yet, rather we have the 2017 CR-V, a re-try from the beginning that conclusively goes separate ways with its equipped yet traditionalist ancestor. The styling has gone from unknown to amazing, drove by a forceful new front sash, reshaped raise windows and etched backside that pass on an astounding strength. For all trims aside from the base LX, that is went down in the engine by Honda's great 1.5-liter turbocharged four-barrel motor, first found in the Civic and a characteristic fit in the CR-V given its adequate low-end torque and fuel-tasting routes — up to 34 mpg roadway, as indicated by the EPA. 

Inside, the CR-V again takes after the most recent Civic's lead with a modernized dashboard, a carefully upgraded instrument group and an overhauled touchscreen that fortunately incorporates a volume handle. There's likewise significantly more back legroom than before — not that anybody was clamoring for it — and an extraordinary 75.8 cubic feet of most extreme load space that positions the "smaller" CR-V as a honest to goodness contrasting option to average size SUVs. 

The Honda CR-V New Model 2017 additionally profits by completely redesignd underpinnings that lessen body come in corners without trading off the generally agreeable ride. The wheelbase is longer, the front and back tracks are more extensive, and there's even an additional 1.5 crawls of ground freedom for the individuals who found that the past CR-V scratched its stomach time and again in light-obligation going dirt road romping. Consider the whole and you have a solid contender for best-in-class respects. The CR-V has for some time been a champ in the deals and sensibility segments, however now it's ready to be a victor on the benefits, as well. 
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

  • Turbocharged motor conveys an uncommon blend of thrift and pizzazz 
  • Large inside with huge payload limit with respect to this class 
  • Rides serenely yet handles corners physically 
  • Ample and insightful capacity ranges 

  • Touchscreen can be finicky to utilize and does not have a different tuning handle 
  • Base LX's motor is both weaker and thirstier than the turbo 
  • Discretionary route framework isn't as dependable as we anticipated 

The CR-V is all-new for 2017. It includes more forceful styling, a discretionary turbocharged motor and a tremendously enhanced inside outline. 

We're torn between the EX and the EX-L. The last surely has some alluring extravagance elements, for example, calfskin upholstery, a programmable power liftgate and a superior sound framework. However, do you require that much unit in your hybrid? In case you're recently searching for a down to earth utility vehicle, the less expensive EX has a liberal components rundown of its own, including a sunroof, and it comes standard with the same turbocharged motor and a 7-inch touchscreen. 

The 2017 Honda CR-V is offered in four trim levels: LX, EX, EX-L and Touring. The LX isn't precisely stripped down, yet its less intense motor, 5-inch show screen and absence of a sunroof stamp it as the passage level model. Venture up to the EX and you get a standard sunroof in addition to a 7-inch touchscreen, a power driver situate and an all the more intense, turbocharged motor. The EX-L attaches things, for example, cowhide, premium sound and a power liftgate, while the Touring bets everything with LED headlights, a subwoofer and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 


With proficient if not exciting speeding up, created taking care of in corners and a certain parkway aura, the turbocharged 2017 CR-V is a gifted contender. 


The 2017 CR-V's ride is calmer and more supple than any other time in recent memory, while facilities front and back are roomy and welcoming. Motor commotion can meddle amid vivacious quickening, however it's a lively solid. Elusive any shortcomings around there.

Honda CR-V 2017 Price in USA

The Honda CR-V has been totally revamped for 2017, further polishing a formula of practicality, efficiency, refinement and value that has made it the best-selling SUV over the past 20 years. Now in its fifth generation, Honda's 5-passenger compact crossover SUV arrives with a new turbocharged engine that earns up to 34 mpg, a slew of active-safety features like blind-spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking, and a revamped interior that is both roomier and more functional. While not the best at every single thing, the new CR-V is the easiest SUV to recommend to the broadest spectrum of shoppers. In a segment that includes such stalwarts as the Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape and Nissan Rogue, the latest CR-V still manages to rise to the top.
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

If you're looking for a no-fuss compact SUV that has a sterling reputation for reliability, practicality and value, the 2017 Honda CR-V will fit your life like a glove. It also might surprise you with its roster of advanced safety systems, tech features and sheer interior space.

If you prioritize sporty manners, a Mazda CX-5 or higher-end Ford Escape will better fit the bill. Need to tow more than 1,500 pounds? A V6 Jeep Cherokee's 4,500-pound rating will likely do the job. If you just don't like turbo engines, the only non-turbo CR-V is a base model with fewer bells and whistles.

The Honda CR-V is all-new for 2017. It brings gains in fuel economy, power and size, and offers impressive safety features bundled into the Honda Sensing suite. The 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder that powers most models is a first for the CR-V.

Driving Impressions

The 2017 CR-V now offers two means of motivation -- the carryover 2.4-liter 4-cylinder that powers base LX models or the new 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder used in the rest of the lineup. While you might associate "turbo" with "speed," the chasm between the two engines isn't vast. They actually have similar power output, but the smaller engine has the edge in fuel economy. It doles out its turbo power with immediacy and feels bigger than its displacement figure. The continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) used in all CR-Vs is among the best around, and readily feigns kicking down gears when pressed. This new CR-V feels more dynamic in corners, but when really pushed is more apt to grudgingly obey than goad its driver for more. Rather, the CR-V continues to excel as a comfortable and competent commuter. In urban settings, we like its manageable size and brake-hold feature, while on the highway we appreciate its quiet and supple ride.


Honda has a knack for making big space inside even its small vehicles, and the new CR-V furthers that tradition. This SUV's marginal exterior growth magically multiplies its interior space. Cargo space behind the rear seat now approaches 40 cubic feet, or nearly 76 with seats folded. Rear legroom increases to a whopping 40.4 inches.

Honda CR-V New Model 2017

As noted above, the 2017 CR-V's 2-row, 5-passenger interior space has only improved -- an impressive feat given that the outgoing model was already among the most spacious in its class. In addition to its growth, this Honda SUV's space is easier to utilize. The 60/40-split rear seats fold with a simple pull of a lever, and the rear cargo area has a 2-tier setup in which the floor can be flat or set lower to keep objects secure. EX and above models have a pair of useful rear USB ports to keep mobile devices juiced. Up front is the CR-V's familiar and enviable seating position that is comfortable and provides a good view out.


Though still unmistakably a CR-V, the latest version of Honda's small SUV looks like it has hit the gym. It is slightly longer, wider and taller. Ground clearance has also increased, from 6.3 inches for front-wheel-drive (FWD) models and 6.7 inches for all-wheel-drive (AWD) versions to 7.8 and 8.2 inches, respectively. This is especially good news for CR-V owners who will contend with snow and other foul weather. To our eyes, the latest design is just what the CR-V needed, making it appear less bulbous in the rear, and more substantial and slightly tougher in general.

Under the Hood

You now have two engine choices in the Honda CR-V New Model 2017, though both are tied to trim level. The well-regarded 2.4-liter 4-cylinder that powered the last-gen CR-V carries over, but only in LX models. All other CR-Vs get a new 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. Both have nearly the same power output, but the turbo has a few more horsepower and earns higher fuel economy. Unlike some turbo engines, this one is happy drinking regular unleaded gasoline. Both engines are tied to a CVT automatic transmission that has a sport mode for added responsiveness. Front-wheel drive is the standard setup, with all-wheel drive optional on both. Both engines in the CR-V are rated to tow 1,500 pounds -- on the low end of the SUV spectrum.

Honda CR-V New Model 2017

2.4-liter inline-4
184 horsepower @ 6,400 rpm
180 lb-ft of torque @ 3,900 rpm
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 26/32 mpg (FWD), 25/31 mpg (AWD)

1.5-liter turbocharged inline-4
190 horsepower @ 5,600 rpm
179 lb-ft of torque @ 2,000-5,000 rpm
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 28/34 mpg (FWD), 27/33 mpg (AWD)

The 2017 Honda CR-V crossover SUV has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting just under $25,000 for the base LX model. With its impressive roster of amenities and suite of advanced safety features, the EX model that starts around $27,600 is far more recommendable. Adding leather and the other features in the EX-L model will cost around $30,000, while a top-line CR-V Touring edition begins over $33,000. Adding all-wheel drive is an extra $1,300. At these prices, the new CR-V is nearly in step with its archrival the Toyota RAV4, yet still manages to undercut it slightly. Others in this hot segment, such as the Nissan Rogue and Ford Escape, start slightly lower. Before buying, be sure to check the Fair Purchase Price to see what others are paying. Another aspect the CR-V has going for it is high resale value. It has traditionally held its value very well, and we expect the same of this new model.
Honda CR-V New Model 2017

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