Honda HR-V 2017 Australia - Think about the 2017 Honda HR-V as a Fit with all-wheel drive and somewhat more headroom. It's not as fun as it could be, but rather it bodes well. 

The 2017 Honda HR-V is a moderately new passage into the little SUV classification, yet it established its remaining as the portion's common sense situated decision at an opportune time on account of Honda's practically religious dedication to inside bundling. 

For 2017, the HR-V returns basically unaltered from a year ago and keeps on being accessible in LX, EX, and EX-L trim levels with a decision of front-or all-wheel drive and, contingent upon setup, either a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT. 

The Honda HR-V 2017 Australia denoted another section into the subcompact fragment for Honda, where it sits underneath the automaker's massively famous CR-V with a specific end goal to go up against the Mazda CX-3, Chevrolet Trax, and Jeep Renegade. At its center, the HR-V is a Honda Fit with a taller body, yet there are some unmistakable contrasts. The HR-V offers all-wheel drive and has an inside equipped with more pleasant materials and more elements. 

Honda HR-V Styling and Performance 

The HR-V emerges from its opponents beginning at the nose, where the squat HR-V wears a twin grille and headlamps much the same as those on the present CR-V. Somewhere else, it's a more perky, lively shape—the roofline is curved high for head room, the front bumpers are very affirmed, and there's a swell of sheet metal at the shoulder line that reaches out down the side of the HR-V, past its concealed back entryway handles. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

All HR-Vs ride on alluring 17-inch composite wheels, yet with moderately low profile tires. 

Inside, the Honda HR-V 2017 is just a more pleasant place to be than the Fit, on account of included commotion protection, better materials, and better points of interest. The double screen jumble of greater Hondas is truant in the HR-V, however we're fine with only one infotainment screen. 

The HR-V's rich styling is balanced by direct execution and offers little of the amusing to-drive nature we've come usual to with Hondas. With a drivetrain identified with the one utilized as a part of the Fit, the HR-V acquires stellar efficiency numbers, deliberately adjusted against just satisfactory increasing speed. The HR-V's 1.8-liter inline-4 is appraised at 141 pull, and matched with either a consistently factor transmission (CVT) or a 6-speed manual—the last just on front-drive LX and EX models. With either setup, even with discretionary all-wheel drive, it feels sufficiently solid for safe parkway consolidations and respect protecting stoplight dispatches. 

Ride quality takes need over level cornering, yet the HR-V is in any case adequately sure and adjusted—exactly how most clients will presumably need it. 

The HR-V's guiding is casual, the body movements are very much controlled and it doesn't feel somewhat weak, even on appalling streets. Leave the track tuning and going romping to others: this tall hatchback is proposed for regular driving. 

It's additionally the solace and utility ruler among subcompact hybrids, which is pivotal for a "way of life" vehicle. With more than 100 cubic feet of inside space on the base LX trim (96.1 3D squares on EX and EX-L), the HR-V is the roomiest vehicle of its kind. Front-situate solace is extraordinary, however it truly sparkles in the secondary lounge, where grown-ups have amazing head and room to breathe for such a bit 'ute. 

The HR-V likewise games Honda's mark "Enchantment Seat," which overlap and flips the second-push situate like a garden seat if need be, to free up different stockpiling and seating designs. Behind the front seats, Honda pegs the HR-V at 58.8 cubic feet of storage room, or 24.3 cubic feet behind the second-push situate—however with the Magic Seat, it's much more adaptable than any of its adversaries. 

On the wellbeing front, the HR-V earned a five-star general rating from the national government, however the IIHS recorded blended outcomes. The HR-V comes standard with a rearview camera and tire weight screens, alongside the typical footing frameworks and airbags, and has accessible nifties like Honda's sideview LaneWatch camera, however highlights like blind side screens, programmed crisis braking and versatile voyage control are not offered here as they are on adversaries. 

Still, all HR-Vs are pleasantly prepared. The EX includes a good infotainment framework, warmed seats, and Honda's one of a kind LaneWatch framework that shows the vehicle's blind side on its middle screen when the correct turn flag is initiated. The EX-L includes calfskin and route, however its sticker price comes hazardously near a lower-spec CR-V. 

With the consistently factor transmission, the HR-V takes off to the highest point of its class for mileage. Gas mileage on front-drive, CVT-prepared HR-Vs is appraised at 28/35/31 mpg; with all-wheel drive, it's a couple of digits lower, at 27/32/29 mpg. 


Basic inside and peculiar outside, the Honda HR-V emerges from the swarm in ways we truly like. 

Despite the fact that it may impart its underpinnings to the Honda Fit, the HR-V bunks its style more from the bigger CR-V. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

Honda gunned for a car like peer outside and inside the HR-V, with the upward scope of its back rooftop column and the implanted, practically concealed, raise entryway handles. The roofline curves for more head room, the bumpers swell and bend. We don't think it very resembles a roadster, yet it unquestionably emerges against more traditional offerings like, say, the Chevrolet Trax. 

From a few points, the HR-V seems less subordinate of bigger Hondas—from others, it prompts up clear Acura touches. Stop by an Acura RDX and you'll swear the Honda is its younger sibling. 

Venture inside, and the double screen jumble we're quite recently beginning to get used to in bigger Hondas is gone. 

This is an extremely clean lodge, with preferred completions and materials over you'll discover in the more spending plan arranged Fit. The perfect dash surfaces have a flaw or two, as thin air vents cut into the traveler side dash that vibe like an untimely idea. 

Choose the EX and EX-L and there's an infotainment touchscreen that serves as a show for the wellbeing and sound frameworks (however does not have a volume handle). We like Honda's touch-delicate atmosphere controls, which appear as though they originated from a higher-end auto, yet they're not too simple to work while you're driving.

The HR-V rides well, yet it's not particularly amusing to drive and it can feel underpowered with a heap of travelers or load on board. 

Honda knows how to manufacture a cleaned and energetic little auto, yet the HR-V truly just falls under that first classification. 

For U.S. adaptations of the HR-V, Honda fits a 1.8-liter inline-4, a bigger variation of the 1.5-liter it crushes into the Fit hatchback. There's more power here, to the tune of 141 strength and 127 pound-feet of torque, however even in manual transmission, front-wheel drive arrangement, the Fit is pokey, best case scenario and would make for an exhausting race against the Fit. 

Any speeding up increases from the slight power help over the Fit are for the most part devoured by the additional pounds of the HR-V's taller body, its extra elements, and, when so-prepared, its discretionary all-wheel drive that includes a couple of hundred pounds its own. 

Control experiences a constantly factor transmission (CVT) or a 6-speed manual, the last of which is only offered with front-wheel drive on the LX and EX. The manual moves fine, and Honda gets kudos for offering it on a sort of vehicle that is further from the fan manual-searcher than the Fit. Most Fits will without a doubt be worked with the CVT, which brags a pleasant game mode that conveys some snappier reaction yet unavoidably nourishes more fuel to the motor since it supports quicker driving. Honda offers paddle shifters with reenacted adapt steps modified into the CVT's conduct on EX and EX-Ls, however regardless we're not enormous aficionados of this specific gearbox. 

With respect to taking care of, the Fit is spongy for a little auto, superior to the Renegade/500X and Trax, thanks partially to the way that Honda just fits 17-inch wheels to this hybrid and not the 18s found in a few opponents. Huge wheels are not generally better, people. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

Underneath, there's a traditional strut front and torsion bar raise suspension setup that isn't tuned for energetic driving as much as it is for standard solace. In spite of the fact that the HR-V is certain on a twisty street, it is a long way from engaging. On the off chance that that is your need in a little hybrid, the Mazda CX-3 is your default decision. We believe it's a pleasing tradeoff, be that as it may, given the way most purchasers will need to utilize their little hybrids. 

The discretionary all-wheel drive framework is just accessible with the CVT and it's a basic programmed framework that requires no driver intercession. It's not implied for genuine rough terrain work like the more mind boggling footing control setup found in the Jeep Renegade, however it will suffice for a cold carport or a stormy day. 

Comfort and Quality 

Honda's fabulous bundling triumphs once more in the flexible and roomier-than-it-looks HR-V. 

The Honda HR-V is among the biggest of the littlest hybrid SUVs—an "enormous shrimp," maybe. It's more minimal than the automaker's CR-V, yet it's greater inside where it numbers than opponents like the Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade. 

By the numbers, the HR-V comes in at 169.1 inches in length and it sits on a 102.8-inch wheelbase. Besides, it's generally wide, at 69.8 inches, and inside volume best out at 100.1 cubic feet on construct models, 96.1 3D shapes in light of the EX and EX-L since those models come standard with a moonroof. Indeed, even with that glass board, there's conventional head room. 

Secondary lounge travelers have fair extra space; four travelers here is adequate, while rivals make the second column a tight fit. In the HR-V, three little kids could without much of a stretch be belted in, something we can't state for most subcompact hybrids. The front seats are strong, however their seat bottoms edge down at the front and they could utilize somewhat more under-knee reinforcing for ideal solace. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

The HR-V additionally gets the automaker's vaunted "Enchantment Seat," which overlap and flips to transform the second column into enormous payload room. It's anything but difficult to utilize, if not precisely enchanted: you overlay up the back seat base and flip its front bolster away to bolt the pad against the seat back, leaving an even lower load floor where the back seat travelers would regularly sit. With the second column, there's 25 cubic feet of space behind for payload. Overlap them forward and it develops to an amazing 58.8 blocks. 

Tolerantly, Honda has saved the HR-V from the double screen mess that torment some of its greater models. Rather, you'll locate a clean lodge with more pleasant materials than we hope to see at this value point. It truly feels not the same as the Fit inside—and that is on the grounds that it is. 

LXs are somewhat more inadequate inside than their EX and EX-L kin, which include a 7-inch infotainment framework (with route on the EX-L). There's semi-shrouded capacity between the front travelers, under the middle support. The USB ports (one in LXs, two generally) are tucked in it, and accordingly, they aren't anything but difficult to see. Then again, the HR-V's directing wheel has helpful and natural controls. 

The HR-V profits by a few moves up to trim and clamor damping materials versus the Fit. In every one of the completions feel fitting at its cost, however the dark material on the highest point of the entryway boards appears to be bound for substantial wear. The delicate touch plastics on the dash add to a superior vibe than in the less costly Fit—and the HR-V is calmer inside, as well, somewhat superior to anything rivals like the Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade. 


The HR-V's crash test scores aren't the best and it does not have a portion of the security tech offered on opponents. 

We're minimal astounded with the blended outcomes the 2017 Honda HR-V accumulated from the two principle testing organizations—the national government and the IIHS. 

We're somewhat amazed that Honda's HondaSensing suite of tech—which incorporates the previously mentioned two things in addition to path takeoff cautioning—isn't accessible on the HR-V. 

In NHTSA testing, the HR-V has accomplished a five-star general outcome, in spite of the fact that it got a four-star rating in frontal effect, for both positions and crash-test sham sizes. The IIHS offered to the HR-V some "Great" scores, however it was evaluated as only "Adequate" in the side-affect and the particularly requesting little cover crash tests. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

A rearview camera is standard, despite the fact that EX and EX-L raise the stakes with a more extensive picture camera and LaneWatch, a right-side camera that showcases sees down the body to road level at the snap of the turn flag. It's an uncommon view that takes a short time to get used to, however once you're utilized to it, LaneWatch supplies a portion of a similar data you'd get in blind side screens—which the HR-V does not offer 

Perceivability in the HR-V is superior to anticipated that would the back, given the SUV's enormous rooftop columns and upswept backside. It's anything but difficult to check your six: the back seat headrests drop into the back seatbacks for an unhampered view out the back glass.

Honda HR-V 2017 Australia Specs

Looking for a moderate hybrid? Honda's HR-V 2017 Australia is a solid contender. It benefits as much as possible from its little measurements because of an inventive second-push situate that offers a lot of load conveying adaptability. We're not enamored with the HR-V's moderate increasing speed, but rather general it gets most things right. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

The Honda HR-V 2017 utilizes one of Honda's sharp developments, the purported Magic Seat that the organization likewise includes in the related Fit hatchback. The seat has flip-up back seat pads that, when raised, make a tall and slender load range between the front and back seats that is awesome for things, for example, a bike or a level screen TV. With every one of the seats set up, there's reasonable space for normal size grown-ups, as well. Other than the HR-V's adaptability, it likewise profits by high mileage and an unhampered outward view. 

At this value point, there will undoubtedly be a couple of disadvantages. The HR-V's commendable fuel productivity is balanced by pokey speeding up, and the touchscreen infotainment framework isn't as instinctive or as simple to work as opponent frameworks. The HR-V additionally somewhat foul in specific regards, which is uncommon for a Honda. In spite of the fact that these defects are reason for concern, we think the HR-V is a quite decent esteem by and large and worth a look in case you're in the market. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

  • Effectively fits normal estimated grown-ups in front and back 
  • Shrewd load arrangements make it more adaptable than adversaries 
  • Mileage figures are superior to generally contenders 
  • Outward perceivability is fabulous 

  • Unremarkable power yield brings about dreary speeding up 
  • Infotainment framework is not easy to use 
  • There's a plenitude of motor commotion and vibration 

The value contrast between the base LX with the discretionary consistently factor transmission and the following level EX is moderately little for the boundless number of elements that are included, so you ought to in any event venture up to that one. Be that as it may, even the range-topping EX-L Navi is sensibly valued for what you get: calfskin upholstery, route, satellite radio and an auto-diminishing rearview reflect. This is one of the uncommon examples when we prescribe extending for the completely stacked model on the off chance that you can. 

Trim levels

The HR-V may be the slightest costly hybrid in Honda's steady, yet purchasers won't feel let around the many components on tap. The construct LX is as a matter of fact light with respect to extravagances, yet there are some amazing standard components, for example, amalgam wheels, a rearview camera and Bluetooth. The EX is impressively more esteem rich. It builds the value a little yet comes stacked with a sunroof, keyless section and start, warmed front seats and different treats. The EX-L Navi is the best way to get route, satellite radio and cowhide upholstery. There are no noteworthy industrial facility alternatives to include. 

The 141 strength produced by its 1.8-liter four-chamber is genuinely small by fragment gauges. On the brilliant side, the HR-V's taking care of is sufficiently lively to have a great time while circumventing turns. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

The 2017 HR-V has one of the best ride qualities in its class. Situate solace is fair, in any case, bringing about normal scores generally speaking. 

The 2017 HR-V's inside is more valuable than some other vehicle in the class, with a clever back seat that can crease or swing up and off the beaten path. Raise situate tenants will be satisfied with the measure of room. 

Payload limit is astounding at 24.3 cubic feet behind the back seats or 58.8 cubic feet with the back seats collapsed (FWD figures; with AWD, freight space is marginally less). It has fantastic adaptability on account of the level collapsing back seat and flip-up pads. Little thing stockpiling is below average, however. 

The touchscreen UI looks pleasant even with its low-lease nav illustrations. It's baffling to utilize, however, as a result of the loose virtual catches and a perplexing menu structure. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto would help a few, yet oh dear, the HR-V is not one of the Hondas with this innovation.

Honda HR-V 2017 Australia Engine

The 2017 Honda HR-V is a subcompact SUV loaded with huge thoughts and astute bundling. Littler than the adored CR-V, the HR-V contends in another class where little is better. The HR-V offers more inside room than the Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Juke, and it is more fuel-effective than the Jeep Renegade or Chevy Trax. With its shrewd second column flip-up "Enchantment Seat," Honda's 2017 HR-V SUV can hold huge and cumbersome things. The HR-V conveys energetic driving, with exact guiding and insignificant body incline. A 6-speed manual can be had on LX and EX trims at the same time, dissimilar to the Jeep Renegade, not with all-wheel drive (AWD). Just a year old, the HR-V has procured various honors and it hopes to keep appropriate on awing. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

On the off chance that you've been searching for smaller auto with great gas mileage, a low cost, solid resale and unwavering quality appraisals in addition to the capacity to handle profound snow and convey all your toys, the 2017 Honda HR-V subcompact SUV ought to fit you like a glove. 

In case you're searching for a little SUV that can handle intense rough terrain snags or that offers a manual transmission and AWD, look to the Jeep Renegade or Subaru Crosstrek. The HR-V isn't intense, so on the off chance that you have a requirement for speed, the Nissan Juke or Fiat 500X is a superior decision. 

Driving Impressions 

What the 2017 Honda HR-V hybrid SUV needs in power it more than compensates for in spunk. A lightweight skeleton permits the HR-V's 141 strength to convey OK speeding up particularly with the CVT programmed that truly knows how to benefit as much as possible from the 1.8-liter motor's energy. The responsive CVT is excited to kick down when asked, and changing to the Sport mode makes the procedures significantly speedier. At the point when pushed hard, the motor gets a bit buzzy, yet just at totally open throttle. The individuals who need a more active driving knowledge will appreciate the HR-V's smooth moving 6-speed manual and light grasp pedal, which tragically are accessible just on front-drive models. What the HR-V needs in zeal it more than compensates for in the corners, where its pleasantly weighted directing and rigid suspension convey momentary hand over and a consistent ride. 

Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

Honda's 2017 HR-V highlights quality materials and an upscale format. Tan cowhide seating is accessible in top-line renditions, and all models have a LCD interface in the middle dash for infotainment. Base LX models have simple to-utilize sound and atmosphere frameworks with conventional catches and handles, while EX and EX-L models have touch-based frameworks. The last frameworks look advanced, however their touch controls can disappoint, particularly when you need to take your eyes off the street. The front-traveler seat can be collapsed back to shape the HR-V's "Long Mode." In this setup, Honda's littlest SUV can convey things like surfboards or wood. 


The HR-V doesn't resemble a lifted auto or a contracted CR-V. Fit as a fiddle, Honda's freshest hybrid SUV again parts the distinction. Honda's humble hauler is most its own particular when seen from the side, where it brandishes a roadster like profile on account of a slanting rooftop, a back window treatment that inclines additionally still, and back entryway handles that sit flush where the window shapes its bolt. All HR-Vs ride on 17-inch aluminum-compound wheels, and EX and EX-L models incorporate a power moonroof. Rooftop rails, standard on the EX-L, include flexibility and tough interest. 

In the engine 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

The 2017 HR-V is controlled by a 1.8-liter 4-chamber motor that makes 141 pull and 127 lb-ft of torque, comparable figures to the motor utilized as a part of the Honda Civic. The HR-V utilizes either a fresh moving 6-speed manual transmission or a refined CVT programmed. Front-wheel drive (FWD) is its local setup, and the main format you can have with a manual transmission. All-wheel drive (AWD) is discretionary on programmed transmission models. Like most unibody, auto based hybrid SUVs, the HR-V isn't implied for genuine going dirt road romping, however AWD can help it keep up footing in snow or on dusty trails. At up to 34 mpg, the HR-V is among the most fuel-effective SUVs accessible. Besides, the HR-V tastes great ol' standard unleaded. 

1.8-liter inline-4
141 horsepower @ 6,500 rpm
127 lb-ft of torque @ 4,300 rpm

EPA city/highway fuel economy: 25/33 mpg (manual), 28/34 mpg (FWD, automatic), 27/31 mpg (AWD, automatic)

Honda HR-V 2017 Australia Best Prices

Honda HR-V 2017 Australia conveys a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) just shy of $20,300 for a base model. At the top end, an EX-L with route and AWD can come to the $27,000 territory. At these costs, Honda's most up to date relative marginally undermines the Chevrolet Trax, Fiat 500X and Nissan Juke, is in accordance with the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and somewhat over the beginning cost of a similarly prepared Jeep Renegade. While not really a SUV, the loco and flexible Kia Soul remains the deal among little, city-driven haulers with its beginning cost of just once again $16,000. 
Honda HR-V 2017 Australia

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