Toyota FT-4X - Envision if Toyota's FJ Cruiser and new C-HR subcompact crossover had an infant, while all the while an original Scion xB and a Honda Element likewise had an infant, and afterward, by some possibility of destiny, those two crossover adore youngsters met and multiplied. At that point you'd have the basic DNA that makes up the Toyota FT-4X idea.

Toyota FT-4X

Toyota FT-4X Reviews

Obviously, Toyota puts things all the more concisely, expressing that the FT-4X was guided by a logic of "rough appeal" that spins around design straightforwardness, inborn ability, sturdiness, heredity, and appeal. Most likely, the FT-4X seems to typify all five properties in spades. 

Not at all like the suspended FJ Cruiser, the FT-4X utilizes the great FJ40 Land Cruiser's hopes to motivate its styling, not to decide its design. Points of interest, for example, the idea's upright windshield, flared front bumpers, short shades, white-painted roof, and level front face with piece "Toyota" lettering set up of the customary "T" identification interface the FT-4X to its Land Cruiser heredity. Besides, Toyota fits a vertical picture window on the driver's side of the vehicle. The brand takes note of that the window is removable and owes its motivation to the windows fitted to the old Toyota pickup Xtracab models and the first Toyota 4Runner. Tributes to modernity incorporate shrouded rear door handles (as on the C-HR), a GoPro camera mounted inside the driver's-side mirror, roof-mounted power outlets, and a unique bi-mode bring forth. 

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Toyota FT-4X

Similarly as the Honda Ridgeline's back end can swing down or out, the FT-4X's rear bring forth can swing up in one piece like a traditional hatchback, or it can impersonate a Mini Cooper Clubman and open outward like a couple of horse shelter doors. Clients turn a major modern style handle at the rear to pick which opening technique they'd incline toward. The FT-4X's cargo inlet features a capacity compartment and a modest bunch of secure snares. Collapsing down the rear seats makes a level load floor reaching out through the cargo territory. 

The square shaped FT-4X's inside design is a modern thought on the fundamental topics utilized by youth-pursuing antecedents, for example, the Honda Element and the Scion xB. Based on the outlook of the present outdoorsy twentysomethings, the Toyota FT-4X has water bottles incorporated with the front and rear doors, a roof mounted light in the rear that can be evacuated and utilized as an electric lamp, a front arch light that additionally fills in as an outside guide, and a resting sack that stores in the inside comfort to end up plainly a focal armrest when not being dozed in. Other cool stuff incorporates a removable sound framework and a glove box encompassed by pivoting air vents that can warm up, chill off, or get dry things, for example, gloves or other attire. Route capacities are taken care of by means of the proprietor's cell phone, which slides into an attachment on the computerized gage group.

Toyota FT-4X

The idea rides on the Toyota New Global Architecture C-Platform, utilized by different models, for example, the C-HR. Like that utelet, the FT-4X sits on a 103.9-inch wheelbase and depends on a suspension comprising of struts in advance and control arms at the rear. In spite of the fact that Toyota didn't determine whether the show car actually has anything under its hood, the organization recognized that "one could accept the [model] could potentially utilize a small-removal four-cylinder engine." Meanwhile, the organization stated, a four-wheel-drive framework with low range could assist a generation FT-4X in getting the money for the check composed by the stout 12-talked 18-inch wheels and bumpy Goodyear tires. 

Given the way that Toyota has no plans to offer the swoopy C-HR with all-wheel drive on our shores, we think a squared-off, off-street situated subcompact crossover positively has a place in the lineup. With the privilege powertrain and a proper four-wheel-drive framework, there's even a possibility a creation bound FT-4X could succeed where both the Honda Element and the Scion xB fizzled: pulling in scores of youngsters to showrooms. We burrow this Toyota, and we trust it moves toward becoming reality. 

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Toyota FT-4X

Toyota FT-4X Specs

Little, yet solid outside action hardware persuaded the FT-4X's important appearances. For its outside, beauticians permeated a X Style all through the TNGA C-Platform. Picture this: At the focal point of a vertical X (which bows outside) is a door oversee, or, basically, the biggest piece of Toyota FT-4X (71.7 in.). This puts the broadest area close to the driver and voyager, creating a characteristic defensive zone. At the back, the bowed vertical X can be seen at the rear bring forth, by and by putting the door oversee at the middle and creating a defensive zone. 

Presently, picture another X, however this time even, or level, put at the best and base of the vertical Xs. At each of the 4 corners of the base X is a 18-inch wheel utilizing an altered 225/55R - 18 Goodyear ® All-Season tire. The Toyota FT-4X stands 63.9 inches high, is 167.3 inches in length, and has a wheelbase of 103.9 inches. Its sort begins essential quality front to back, prompting base. It's X Style are copious. 

Twin red snares sit recorded beneath the Multi-Hatch inside the rear guard. These high-perceivability intelligent pieces are ensured grapple focuses for automobile mending and the limiting of burdens, if favored. Colossal item transporting is streamlined with an upgraded level roofing framework, in addition, a limit loop situated at each of the roofing's corners. Extra vitality is offered by power supply outlets set at the base of the control circles. Clients can power a scope of outdoors territory electronic gadgets and lighting or roofing framework rack gadgets because of the bother free outlets. 

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Toyota FT-4X

Liberal method and flight edges add to the FT-4X's ability on a scope of cleared and unpaved courses. Wide dark painted over-bumpers give a hard try to the outside and swallow up the strong Goodyear ® elastic. A vertical Photo Window set over the driver's side back bumper appreciates the immortal variety shown by Toyota's prestigious Pickup Xtracab truck and original 4Runner sport-utility automobile. The window glass is separable and compatible, empowering proprietors to individualize their FT-4X significantly assist with a few nontransparent shading or tinted glass options. The rear door manage is discretely situated fore of the vertical window and high over the beltline, much the same as it is on the present Toyota C-HR. 

Conditioned rocker boards at the lower some portion of the doors enhance underbody security and strength while wandering off the beaten course. Also, at whatever point the FT-4X discovers some overcome scenes, a GoPro ® HERO5 Session ™ cam built into the escort's side rearview mirror can get all of it. 


Naturally, the X Style finds its technique ahead of time as well. At the focal point of the nose's vertical X is a customary, additional extensive embellished TOYOTA logo design that is flanked by exceptional LED headlamps. Like the back, intelligent control snares embeded in the lower guard add to the crossover's appearances and deftness. Another gesture to conventional FJ Land Cruisers and Pickup designs of the pasts: the identifiable flat introduction of the FT-4X's grille, headlights, and guard. 

Albeit an idea, one may assume the FT-4X may conceivably utilize a little uprooting four-cylinder engine. Being outfitted with mechanical 4x4 and selectable low-extend significantly more highlights the FT-4X's constantly prepared character, while the punchy, low-relocation engine jelly phenomenal usefulness and performance while going through over-burden city boulevards or open messy tracks. A progressed MacPherson strut front, twofold wishbone rear suspension takes in rocks and pits. 

The Toyota FT-4X Concept totally epitomizes "Rough Waku-Doki" (interpretation: an unmistakable heart-beating sense of satisfaction) through its numerous innovative style parts. It charms its well informed, screen-scrolling clients with a novel material appeal gotten at each catch push, manage curve, and soil roadway voyaged. Yes, with the FT-4X, never at any point has the gap in the middle of desktop and trailhead been as minuscule as now. 

The Toyota FT-4X is a rolling transmission. Not simply is the inside's idea that of a major open region having heaps of rapidly available capacity for standard gadgets, in any case it is standard gadgets itself. Voyagers can rapidly decide the territory's capacity in view of shading, as blue arranges shut capacity, while orange shows open stockpiling. On the inside the Multi-Hatch with rear Image Window are twin boxes- - one warm, the other chilly. They're designated for an assortment of capacities, for example, the fleeting stowage of treats, or the warming and cooling of hardware (i.e. gloves, covers, ice pack, et cetera). 

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Toyota FT-4X


The cabin is segmented into 3s: Tidy Zone, where the front voyagers sit, and where rough ground surface mats and door ledges were impacted by Japanese sunoko slatted wood floor covering; Wet Zone, moreover characterized by all-climate mats (where explorers can stow wet bathing suits/snow garments or sloppy boots) and arranged just behind the front seats, alongside recorded underneath the rear second row seat situate; and, Back Freight Zone.

Toyota FT-4X Release Date and Price

The FT-4X discharge date hasn't been declared, however it could hit the US-advertise in late 2018 or mid 2019.

Toyota FT-4X

There was no word on the Toyota FT-4X estimating, yet we anticipate that it will have a comparative valuing range as the current Kia Soul.
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