2019 Lexus ES Rumors - The Lexus ES is a survivor. Opened in the middle of the sporty GS and the more lavish LS, the ES sedan has been available since 1989, spreading over six ages, including an invigorate as of late as 2015. With regards to the circumstances, Lexus intends to roll out an all-new form for the 2019 Lexus ES model year. Spy photographs demonstrate the luxury sedan hitting the abandon with some of its nearest rivals.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

This is only the second time the new ES has been captured, however we can't see considerably under all that disguise. What's quickly certain is that the Lexus ES is all new. Supposedly replacing the smaller GS, the ES will shrivel essentially, including a more keen roofline, and a more athletic profile. It looks moderately svelte against rivals like the Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6, and borrows a few signs from the more athletic IS.

2019 Lexus ES Reviews

The new 2019 Lexus ES will ride on Toyota's New Global Architecture – a similar stage that supports the Prius – yet will keep on using the same V6 and hybrid powertrain setup. The 3.5-liter V6 found in the present ES produces 268 horsepower (213 kilowatts) and 248 pound-feet (336 Newton-meters) of torque. Front-wheel drive will come standard, while an all-wheel-drive adaptation is profoundly likely.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

No one knows precisely when the new ES will show up, however reports propose that it could influence its introduction one year from now at the New York Auto To appear. The as good as ever ES will join the bigger LS, which made its introduction before in the year in Detroit, and in addition a small UX crossover, which we saw influence its idea to make a big appearance in 2016.

There is change coming soon for the Lexus go. Purchasers are rushing to SUV's and two of their mid-size luxury cantinas are battling against each other in the showroom. Lamentably for RWD fans, the sportier GS is getting trounced in deals by the front wheel drive ES.

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2019 Lexus ES Rumors

Subsequently, the GS is ready to meet the hacking hinder, with the ES assuming control as the luxury automaker's sole mid-size sedan. So what will the cutting edge ES resemble? How about we examine further. The active ES was never really quite a bit of a looker; its outward presentation is fairly repressed in contrast with different models in the Lexus lineup - or maybe that is the reason it offers so well? 

2019 hones the pencil, with sleeker lines, forceful grilles and better extents. Headlights have fascinating rough blueprints, while the grille will be offered in waterfall or work designs for sporting renditions. Thick chrome influences the belt-to line emerge close to the c-column and smooth, flat taillights complete off the rear. 

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

No, TNGA isn't some miss-shortened Mexican dish; it's Toyota's new worldwide design that supports nearly everything from C-HR, Prius, Camry, in addition to up and coming Avalon and Corolla models - just to give some examples. For the ES, this implies it'll have a similar stage that sits underneath the up and coming Avalon, something that looks good with critical walks in rear inhabitant space, dynamic prowess, ride quality and safety. 

2019 Lexus ES Specs

Like a few Toyotas, most strikingly the new-for-2018 Camry and the pending cutting edge Avalon, the new 2019 Lexus ES will ride on the Toyota New Global Architecture underpinnings. That should influence it to lower and more extensive than earlier and pervade it—we trust—with a similar dynamic updates that awed us in the most recent Camry. Like the momentum ES, the new model will utilize the Avalon's more drawn out wheelbase to amplify rear-situate room.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

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We expect that a 3.5-liter V-6 will keep on being the default engine decision for the standard ES350. Like the refreshed 2018 Camry, the ES should profit by more power (for a sum of around 300 horsepower) and an eight-speed automatic to supplant the active six-speed. An ES hybrid is a certain wagered too, likely with a variant of the 2018 Camry hybrid's drivetrain. In the event that the ES ends up assuming control for the GS, it would need to pick up an all-wheel-drive alternative notwithstanding its standard front-wheel-drive setup. 


The ES is a mid-size luxury car which has been around for almost three decades now. Be that as it may, there have been a few bits of gossip as of late recommending the car would have been suspended. Fortunately, this isn't really the case. Truth be told, it would appear that the future 2019 Lexus ES may likewise supplant Lexus' own particular GS. While this may sound shocking, the ES sold extensively superior to anything its kin and Lexus could without much of a stretch supplant their GS sedan with an elite form of the ES.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

So far the subtle elements are still scarce about the new vehicle. Nonetheless, it is protected to expect the car will be founded on Toyota's shiny new TNGA measured engineering which additionally supports the new Camry. The ES is relied upon to be impressively lighter than earlier and furthermore more secure. The early reports likewise propose a superior arrangement of driving qualities and better NVH levels which are all awesome for its future purchasers. 

Despite the fact that so far Lexus chose to not say all that much in regards to this future model, the car has been seen various circumstances at this point. From the most recent covert agent shots, it is very certain that it will be greater than its forerunner On account of a photo that displayed the present ES close by the future model, it is very certain the wheelbase will be no less than 2.0 inches longer than that of its ancestor.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

Over that, the car likewise appears to feature a more extensive wheel track which will allow it to be smarter to drive without compromising on the solace of its passengers. Despite the fact that it will be more extensive, and likely more, the new 2019 Lexus ES will likewise be lower. This is a fairly intriguing unforeseen development, especially since many were stating it won't. The lower car likely means a more performance-situated vehicle yet more on that later. 

From the government operative shots, we discussed prior we can likewise get a quite smart thought of how the 2019 Lexus ES will resemble. While the present car basically resembles an Avalon with an alternate front end, this isn't really the case with the new vehicle.

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2019 Lexus ES Rumors

The car appears to help Lexus' all-new axle grille, slimmer headlights which this time around appear to touch the grille, another lower splitter, more extensive side skirts, new mirrors which have been proceeded onward the doors and also a roof-line like that of a car. The final product is a car that now looks more extravagant as well as sportier than any time in recent memory 


It is protected to accept the cabin of the 2019 Lexus ES won't be as not the same as that of the present model as we initially thought. Rather, the car is more than likely going to share many design signals with the LS which will allow Lexus to increase current standards in their class. Expect a bigger infotainment screen, a completely advanced instrument bunch, better materials and a lower driving position.The last will likewise mean the passengers will get more headroom which will be incredible considering the car will actually be lower than its antecedent.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

A redesigned rendition of Lexus' well known ES sedan sporting impressively more forceful styling. Unmistakably roused by the rakish lines of the all-new LS lead, the seventh-age ES seems longer, lower, and more extensive, conceivably meaning a slight philosophical shift from the present car's milquetoast picture. The long-standing ES equation won't change all that much, in any case, as we anticipate that the new car will keep sharing its fundamental mechanicals with Toyota's Camry and Avalon sedans. Steadfast Lexus purchasers of a particular age wouldn't need excessively deviation from the standard.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

The ES has for quite some time been the brand's second-top rated model, behind the RX crossover—in spite of the fact that the NX crossover is as of now ready to assume control over that detect this year. Indeed, even as sedan deals keep on slowing, the ES sits in the core of the section luxury showcase with its sensible price and extensive inside. This cutting edge ES's slinkier styling, joined with seeing this model testing nearby an Audi A6 and a Mercedes-Benz E-class, likewise fuel theory that the new ES will turn into the brand's sole mid-size sedan—implying that the also sized Lexus GS sedan would be set out into the wild. The sportier, rear-drive-based GS has more prominent luxury cred, however it's not offering admirably—Lexus moved just 4205 units through July of this current year, to the ES's 28,441. Trimming the GS would line up with the present pattern of paring traveler car offerings as the market moves in the direction of crossovers. 

2019 Lexus ES Engine Specs, Release Date and Price

Engine Specs

The 3.5-liter V-6 is required to proceed as a section point into the 2019 Lexus ES run, with 300hp mated to an eight-speed automatic. Power will at present be sustained to the front wheels; despite the fact that with the GS said to vanish, an AWD alternative ought to mollify those who'll miss the last's RWD setup. Hybrid fans will likewise be satisfied that the oil electric powertrain will make an arrival, in all probability with a similar yield and efficiency go specs as the 2018 Camry.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

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The 2019 ES will be the freshest child on the square until the cutting edge Audi A6 shows up. Until the point when then its smooth new clothing may simply prevail upon a few purchasers cross-shopping between Volvo S90, BMW 5-Series, Lincoln Continental, Jaguar XF and Mercedes-Benz E Class. An official dispatch date is still up for theory, however don't be astounded on the off chance that it makes an introduction one year from now, conceivably at the New York Motor Show. Ultimately, what luxury sedan would you pick? Offer your considerations in the remarks underneath.

2019 Lexus ES Rumors

Contingent upon the market it's being sold in, there are up to four diverse engine decisions on the ES. Notwithstanding, the new 2019 Lexus ES will change all of that. The new car is relied upon to get only three unique engines. 
  • Engine Regular Unleaded V-6 
  • Drivetrain FWD 
  • Displacement 3.5L 
  • Power 268hp 
  • Body Style 4dr car 
  • Gas Mileage 21/30 mpg City/Hwy 
Release Date and Price 

The most fundamental model, which will probably not be available in the US, may get a 2.0-liter turbo-four with as much as 250 horsepower and more than 250 lb-ft of torque. Additionally up the range the car ought to get a 3.5 liter naturally suctioned V6 with up to 300 horsepower and more than 260 lb-ft of torque. Both of these are relied upon to be mated to another transmission. Which will be speedier and more responsive than the old 6 speed automatic.

The third decision will probably be a hybrid which ought to effortlessly give more than 200 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque while being more productive than its forerunner. Its discharge date still can't seem to be uncovered for the present. Be that as it may, it is sheltered to expect the car will be out before the year's over.

Look for the new ES to make a big appearance about in 12 months' time as a 2019 model, priced somewhat higher than the present car, which begins at $39,895 for the ES350 and $42,815 for the ES300h hybrid.
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